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    Meg K. Wheeler
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    From 9-5er to Dream Chaser

    Are you stuck in a 9-5 that is sucking your soul? I was too. Do you dream of walking out one day and never coming back? So did I. Do you have this nagging feeling that there's more for you out there, that you can do more? Yup, been there. 

    If you mind is full of big ideas and your days are spent dreaming of what can be, this is the place for you. Taking a leap of faith is hard, but you don't have to do it alone. 

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    Hey, I'm Meg

    I'm an entrepreneur, startup CEO, risk taker and dreamer. After over 10 years in the corporate world, I found the guts to tell my 9-5 to shove it and took a leap of faith. Now I run a successful e-commerce startup and work with other 9-5ers to help them take their own leaps of faith and follow their dreams.

    Supporting day jobbers become dream chasers is what I do. 

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    So, What's  Stopping You?

    You've spent too long as a dream-chaser masquerading as a day jobber. The leap of faith is yours to take, so what's holding you back? Check out my blog, as we talk about common roadblocks to chasing dreams and how you can take the leap of faith that you were always meant to take.

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    As Seen On

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    “I’ve made the decision not to be boring and expected. I spend my days aiming to astonish and amaze. I believe in the old quote, 'Once in awhile, blow your own damn mind.'"

    — Meg K. Wheeler

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