Work Bag Essentials : 5 Items Every Working Woman Needs

The 5 Essentials In My Work Bag


I’m a firm believer that having an organized and well-stocked work bag is the key to success. Well, and having a great marketing strategy, quality product, rockstar team, and all that jazz. But it all starts with the work bag essentials.

I can’t tell you how many years I’ve spent digging through my bag looking for something I need, only to realize I’ve left it at home. Or stuck somewhere with a few minutes to spare and nothing to read except my phone. Or running from meeting to meeting and starving with no time to grab a quick bite.

Which is why I’ve created a “must have” list for my work bag. These are my essentials that I absolutely swear by and which I ALWAYS make sure I have on me. I’ve gone so far as to write them down on a sticky note (imprinted on the top is “A girl always has her shit together”). I’ve tacked up this note next to my desk to remind myself of what I need to make sure I have on me at all times. It sounds extreme, I know, but I honestly say that every time I’ve NOT packed one of these things, I always regret it.

Essential #1: A Good Book 

I’m passionate about reading, so this is a given for me. Even when I think I’m just running down the street to the coffee shop, or that my day is so packed I won’t have time to read, I pack a book. It’s become a running joke that every time I don’t, I inevitably have a situation pop up where I need one. Want to see what I’m currently reading? Check it out here.

Essential #2: Lip Balm

I’m obsessed with lip balm. Like, I value it more than practically life itself. I’m that girl who buys them in bulk and has one for every spot in my life – a bazillion in my house (desk, kitchen, nightstand, bathroom, coffee table), at least three in my car, one for every bag I own. So basically I’m singlehandedly keeping the lip balm industry alive. My go-to favorite? Moroccan Magic, by fellow Boston #girlboss entrepreneur, Kristina Tsipouras Miller. Check it out here.

 Essential #3: Kind Healthy Grains Bars

I’m always on the run so it’s a MUST to keep a (somewhat) heathy and filling snack in my bag. My go-to are Kind Healthy Grain Bars – the Oats & Honey flavor. I love these because they’re not as hard as regular Kind bars and it’s got just enough of a sweet taste but is also full of protein and a bunch of super grains. The best part? One is guaranteed to calm those stomach growls until I can grab a proper meal. Check them out here.

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Essential #4: Moleskine Notebook

A notebook is absolutely an essential for my work bag. I’m always thinking of new ideas, remembering tasks I have to do and seeing things I want to remember. My notebook is perfect for jotting all of those down when I’m on the run. I know some people swear by phone apps for this, but I’m a classic girl and like writing things down. My go-to notebook? This Moleskine right here. It has ruled paper on the right side and blank sketch paper on the left – perfect for your left AND right brain moments. I also love this Baron Fig version which has ruled on the bottom and blank on the top.

Essential #5: A Decent Set of Headphones 

It never fails – much like a book, whenever I don’t have headphones on me, I need them. Between podcasts, webinars and funny cat videos, there’s SO much to listen to when I’m on the go. A good set of headphones is key, but I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to shell out a ton of money for your “workbag headphones.” And because Apple decided to ruin our lives a few years ago when they removed the headphone jack, I actually carry an adapter to use regular headphones in my iPhone. Here’s what I’m using right now.

The Takeaway 

If you’re on the go like I am (who isn’t??) then it’s critical to have the right work bag essentials. These 5 are ones I can’t live without – trust me, I’ve tried. What’s in your work bag?

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