Growing Your Email List: The Easiest Way to Make More Money

Why Growing Your Email List is the Easiest Way to Make More Money In Your Business


Building and growing your email list – doesn’t sound like such a sexy topic, right? But to me, this is one of the most important topics that we need to talk about in our businesses because it truly is the lifeline of mine, and I know that it is also the case with many of my online entrepreneur friends.

When I started my business, an email list was sort of on the back of my mind. It wasn’t something that I focused on. I then started paying attention to what some of the bigger folks in the industry were doing. That’s when I started to realize that truly building an email list was a huge component of their success.

The importance of having an email list

One of the biggest reasons for that is when you build your following on social media or on someone else’s platform, you would lose all those people if that platform disappears or if you had an issue with it. You would then have no way to reach your followers. You might be thinking, oh it doesn’t really matter, that’s not gonna happen. Well, let me tell you what happened to me.

Some time ago, I think it was last summer, I got locked out of Facebook for 4 whole days. I had no way to access my business page and my Facebook ads which I was still paying for. I know it might not sound so bad but those 4 days were already hard on my business because I couldn’t access anything that I had built. Thankfully, I had a smallish email list back then and I was able to send out an email to everyone about what’s going on.

But imagine if my entire business is on Facebook. Imagine if I was locked out for 4 weeks or 4 months, not 4 days. I would have lost everything. So, that’s what’s great about an email list – you own it, you have that list forever, no matter what happens to the social media platforms. Even if your email service provider disappears, you’ll still have access to those names. That’s why I think it’s critical that you have an email list.

As for the reasons why I think growing an email list is the easiest way to make money, go ahead and watch the video to find out why “the money is in the list” and why you should start building yours now!



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