Selling Digital Products: Why It's The Key to Making More Money

Why Digital Products Are the Key to Making More Money


Why Digital Products Are the Key to Making More Money


Why Digital Products Are the Key to Making More Money


Why Digital Products Are the Key to Making More Money


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Why Digital Products Are the Key to Making More Money

Being the Boss

I have a little story to share about selling digital products. In December 2018, I was at a crossroads with the business that I was running, which was completely different from the one I have now. To be completely honest, I was not very happy. It was a business that I was excited about at the beginning. But it ended up not being something that I was passionate about.

So, I was looking for the next step and through my work in that first business, I met a lot of women entrepreneurs. And what I learned is that women entrepreneurs are incredible, creative, passionate, and talented. One of the things that hold a lot of us back is the money stuff in business. A lot of women really have never gotten that financial education about how to manage the financial side of things. For that reason, I started blogging in late 2018. Primarily because I was getting pissed off at seeing people getting bad advice when it comes to money. By December of that year (I have been blogging for several months by then), I started thinking if this blog can actually be turned into a business.

The turning point

With that in mind, I started paying attention to this woman – Amy Porterfield. She was talking about online courses and that got me thinking although I was quite skeptical, I must admit. I listened to her as she recounts how she pivoted from social media management to running an online course business. What really grabbed my attention was when she talked about how online courses allowed you to take what you already knew, what you’re already doing, the impact that you already have, and multiplying it in a scale that you wouldn’t be able to do if you are just working 1-on-1 with people.

Amy helped me a lot in transitioning to selling digital products and building an online course business. Watch the video to find out the rest of my story and to find out the benefits of selling digital products to make more money in your business.

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