...you're passionate about your business but have no clue what to do about the financial side of it. 

...you're googling for answers to your tax questions and praying you don't mess anything up.
...you ignore your numbers because they make you itchy and squeamish.
...you're not paying yourself, have no budget, and avoid checking your bank account like the plague.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I'm a former CPA and corporate prisoner turned online biz owner on a mission to help YOU love the money in your business and make more (and keep more) of it.

I'm a nut for Excel, a lover of all things numbers and a firm believer that every biz owner, even the "not a numbers person" ones, can conquer the money in their businesses to feel more confident, more in control and grow profitable businesses.

I secretly think I'm cool because I've met Prince William and kissed Zac Efron and I have a s’more for dessert every night. My other guilty pleasure is donuts, but I don't ever feel that guilty about it.

Hey there! I'm Meg, your Biz Money Bestie, and I'm here to help.

I created Badass Money Makers because small business owners need a way to get answers and support on the money stuff throughout the year - and not just on April 15th. 

I also wanted to create a judgment-free, no-shame-allowed community where it's OK to talk about your money - and get the support you need to make more of it.

The trick to mastering the money in your business? Not ignoring it.

otherwise known as the Answer to Biz Money Success

Badass Money Makers


Hiring a CPA is great but expensive. Our Monthly Q&As and Hot Seats get you the answers you need - without the big bill.

access Affordable Expert Advice


Our Monthly Workshops on biz money topics (from cash flow to budgeting) help you stay on top of your money.

Manage Your Biz Money


You'll find Core Training on the basics - from bank accounts to accounting systems to taxes and more.

Set Up Your Biz Money


This membership will help you to:

Love it. So what do I actually get?

And because you're busy... every month you'll choose ONE action goal to work towards, so that you can actually take action without feeling overwhelmed.


Training + Workshops

Anything Q&A

Group Money Meetings

Accountability! (this can't be understated)

I know, no one wants to budget. In Badass Action Takers, I'm teaching you how to without feeling any (much) pain and in a way that actually helps you move your business forward, not feel restricted. To help you get there, I'm giving you my Budget Tracker - this tool makes the budgeting process so much easier.

Budget Tracker

Bonus number two 

If you don't track it, you can't understand it. Someone big and famous said that, I'm pretty sure. Regardless, it's the truth, and that's why I'm giving you my Cash Flow Tracker Template - so that you can finally get on top of tracking your cash and stop stressing abou tnever having enough money in the bank.

Cash Flow Tracker

Bonus number one 

There are bonuses too?

Did I mention that

Struggling to figure out how much to pay in taxes every quarter? Struggle no more. My Quarterly Taxes Calculator makes it easy to figure out how much you should pay easily and quickly every single quarter.

Quarterly Tax Calculator

Bonus number four 

Not sure how much taxes to pay each quarter or need help filing your annual tax return but can't afford an accountant? Every quarter you'll get access to our Tax Days including training and office hours to get all of your tax questions answered!

Quarterly & Annual Tax Days

Bonus number three 

Sometimes we need to take a breath before dealing with the not-so-fun stuff. This special bonus was lovingly created for you by life coach Alaya Morning and is the perfect way to kick off getting your money stuff in order.

Money Stuff Made Easy Meditation

Bonus number five 

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jenna, fitness coach

OMG, are you in my head? This is SO FREAKIN' good. I've been trying to figure out how to afford to work with you for the last few months, and this whole time I kept wishing you'd just open a damn membership so I could get all the goods NOW haha. You're the best!!


ashley, business coach

I joined Badass Money Makers because I wanted to stop stressing about my cash flow and finally figure out how to pay myself every month. What I got was so much more - Meg doesn't just teach you about this stuff, she is in your corner helping you to take action every day.




You aren't interested in running a "real business"

You're not willing to put in 2-4 hours each month to manage the "money stuff"

You don't care about getting the financial stuff set up, or you figure you'll wait until later when you're making more money

This is not for you if...

you're an Online and/or service-based business owners Who wants to get all the money stuff set up correctly

you struggle with the "money stuff" (cash flow, budgeting, setting financial goals, paying yourself)

you want to feel more confident about the financial side of your businesses

This is for you if...

Everything you need inside one easy-to-access place that you'll have access to as long as you are a member.

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Join our money meetings to get answers your biz money questions.

Live Guidance

Take out the guesswork: follow our step-by-step roadmap to set up the money stuff in your business correctly and easily!

Core Training & Workshops

3 Ways to Take Action Inside Badass Money Makers

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The Badass Money Makers is a monthly membership program designed for online and service-based business owners to help you set up and manage the financial aspects of your business. We cover everything from bank accounts and accounting systems to cash flow and taxes. Best of all, as a member you'll have access to ongoing guidance from a CPA for a fraction of the price of hiring one!

Badass Money Makers is perfect for online and service-based business owners who:

- Are online and/or service-based business owners
- Want to get all the money stuff set up correctly
- Struggle with the "money stuff" (cash flow, budgeting, setting financial goals, paying yourself)
- Want to feel more confident about the financial side of their businesses

Yes! Badass Money Makers includes guidance for business owners who are just starting out (and in the "set up" phase of your business) as well as those who are further along (and more worried about managing the money stuff every day). 

Friend, so much! Every month in Badass Money Makers you will get:

- Week #1: Training/workshop on a variety of biz and money topics
- Week #2 & 4: Ask-Me-Anything Q&A to get all of your questions answered!
- Week #3: Group Money Meeting sessions to review your numbers
- Access to our ongoing members-only Facebook community for ongoing guidance and support

As soon as you join Badass Money Makers, you will also get access to core training to help you set up the money stuff!

The beauty of a month-to-month membership is that you can stay as long as you want and leave whenever you need to! Just cancel before your next monthly membership dues are charged and you won't be charged again (you'll have access to the membership content until the end of the month you've paid for).

If you sign up for the Annual Plan, your access ends at the end of the year and there is no obligation to renew. No refunds will be offered if you cancel your plan before the month or year ends. 

No. Most of our content will work for you wherever you're located, but note that any time we talk about taxes, we're talking about US taxes.

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