Meg K. Wheeler


Is your day job killing you?

I've been there. 

For many years, I was a dream chaser masquerading as a day jobber. I was a 9-5er building a career and living a stable life. Until one day, I wasn't. I finally hit my breaking point and decided that I could, and needed to, do more. That I needed to follow my passion. That I needed to build something that I could be proud of.

And so I left.

I put in my notice, and I started my company two days later.

Since then, I've been building my business and helping leap-of-faithers go from crying in their cubicles to building their empires. I'm here for you, so that you don't have to feel as alone as I did.

So what are you waiting for?

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Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?
— Amelia Earhart



I'm here to help.

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The Leap of Faith Guide

If you're considering leaving your 9-5 and taking your own leap, this guide will walk you through the questions to ask yourself before you decide, guidance on goal-setting and business planning for your new venture, and exercises to set you up for success as you build your empire. 


Let's Grab Coffee

Struggling with your 9-5 but not sure where to start? Have a business idea but have no clue if it will work? Is your head spinning and you're ready to scream? Let's chat. Book a complimentary 15-minute phone session (byo-coffee!) and let's talk it through. (Note, this is not a sales pitch. Just me trying to help you!)

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The Leap of Faith Society

Looking for a little more hands-on guidance? Want to talk through your plans, dreams and fears? I'm here for you, girl. The Leap of Faith Society is our exclusive mastermind-type group developed especially for those who are considering taking the leap and going after their dreams. Our next session will launch Fall 2018. 

Want more personalized guidance? I offer a few opportunities each month to work one-on-one with 9-5ers and new Leap of Faithers. Sign up now before space runs out. Let's work together!