Ask Me anything!

So what are you, a coach or a consultant?

I like to think of myself as a balance between the two.

To start, I think it's important to understand the difference between the two. A coach works with you to develop the skills you already have. This usually includes goal-setting, mindset work, support and accountability. A consultant is more of an "expert" who will teach you skills you don't have, analyze your business and create an action plan to be implemented. 

So which one do you need? Honestly, I think successful entrepreneurs both, which is why I consider myself a combination of the two. I'll bring my technical experience in business strategy, finance, operations and customer relationships while offering you clarity, support and accountability.

What makes you qualified to help entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs?

Great question! I understand the anxiety when you're considering spending your hard-earned time and money to work with someone. I get that you want to make sure you choose the RIGHT person who is going to offer you the most value for your precious resources. 

I have over 12 years of experience in finance, project management and startups and I'm using that experience to run my company, One For Women, as well as to work with people who are looking to quit their jobs and start their own businesses. I am a skilled problem solver, an organizational maven and a detailed planner. I don't know how to do everything, but I do know how to identify what needs to be done and how to find the right people and resources to make it happen. 

How can I work with you?

I offer several ways for us to work together. If you're interested in one-on-one guidance, click here.

If you're not ready to work together but want more resources, I offer comprehensive guides to lead you through quitting your 9-5 and taking your leap, and making sure the first year in business is as successful as possible. The guides can be found here: Taking Your Leap of Faith Guide and Making Your Leap Count Guide.

Why don't you offer on-going coaching? 

Here's the thing. When you're starting a business, you probably don't have a ton of time or money. I get that, because I've been there. I designed my packages with this in mind. I want to offer you the chance to get a little guidance and support, combined with some practical, tactical action items, without breaking the bank or asking you to commit to a long contract.