Hey there! I'm Meg, an entrepreneur, risk taker, writer and dreamer. I'm the Co-Founder and CEO of One For Women, an online gift company that sources its products from women makers and gives back to non-profits that support women. A realtor turned international tax accountant turned startup CEO, I'm passionate about empowering women, a believer in constant reinvention and I never take myself too seriously.

I left my corporate 9-5 after feeling undervalued and uninspired, in a search for more meaningful work and to have a greater impact. I am now building two businesses that I love and teaching and mentoring women looking to leave their 9-5 jobs and take their own leaps of faith. If you’re yearning for flexibility, are sick of feeling passionless in your job and desperate to have a bigger impact in this world, let’s talk.

Using my experience as a (former) Certified Public Accountant and my obsession with all things numbers and spreadsheets, I also help those who have already taken their leaps of faith to take control of the money in their business through less stressful budgeting that you will actually stick to, setting up accounting systems that don’t make you want to scream and continuously analyzing where your numbers are at for ultimate business success.

When I'm not kicking butt in business, you’ll find me lost in a good book, scribbling big ideas frantically in my Moleskines and dipping my toes in the sand. My life goals are to never live a day without adventure, kiss my husband early and often, and keep the ratio of rescue dogs to children in my house to 2 to 0 (a goal I am failing at with the birth of my son, Jack). I see myself as a badass in disguise, a girl in the ‘burbs who rebels against conformity and has an opinion about everything, and I secretly think I'm cool because I've met Prince William and kissed Zac Efron. I have a s’more for dessert every night and my other guilty pleasure is cookies, but I don't ever really feel that guilty about it.


Photo Credit: Matt Preston, Last Row Photography