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I'm a CPA & Biz Money Coach on a mission to turn online educators, service providers and coaches from "not numbers people" to badass money makers.

I'm a nut for Excel, a social justice junkie and a firm believer in supporting historically marginalized business owners so they can build power and wealth.

My superpowers are making overwhelming financial concepts easily digestable, taking action to get sh*t done and having entire conversations in GIFs (seriously... try me).

I secretly think I'm cool because I've met Prince William and kissed Zac Efron and I have a s’more for dessert every night. My other guilty pleasure is cookies, but I don't ever really feel that guilty about it.

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Hi, I'm Meg

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NOUN: A get-shit-done biz owner building a scalable & profitable financially fit biz.

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Ashley, Business coach

Meg has this way of breaking down the numbers so they don't feel overwhelming. I love how easy she makes it seem, and I feel so much more confident in my business now.

Liz, compass adventure collective

Not only was Meg super helpful with suggesting various resources for me to use, but she was so excited about my idea! Her energy was infectious.

Stef, real estate coach

At the close of my first year of owning my business, I was struggling to make sense of how to file my taxes. Meg brought to light what was in the dark which allowed me to file without fear. All the T's were crossed and I's dotted. I plan to use her expertise in the future, no question!